Bitcoin Community in Asia: The Future of Currencies Is Here

In the modern age, the demand for innovation remains in our ever-changing world. With so many new modes of communication and production, a change in our currency comes as no surprise.    

What is this new rising star on the financial scene? This hot-topic form of payment goes by the name of Bitcoin. With the rise of the Bitcoin comes the dawn of a new financial era. To better understand the future of currency in Asia and its international counterparts, you can learn more about the Bitcoin community in Asia.  

What Is Bitcoin?  

Bitcoin is a currency known as a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are forms of electronic money used on a digital platform to buy and trade goods.  

Once a user downloads their virtual Bitcoin wallet, the application will then create a Bitcoin address personalised to the user with the capability to then create more addresses if the need should arise. Next, you inform your peers to pay them or allow them to pay you. At a nuclear level, the process is fairly simple.  

All transactions via Bitcoin can be found in the axis of the currency, the Blockchain. The Blockchain is a public ledger that all Bitcoin users can access. The chain allows customers to check their balances and ensure that their transactions are legitimate.

The mechanics and reliability of Blockchain lies in the cryptography of the software. With each transaction or transfer from one wallet to another, the wallets keep a private key that is a kind of signature that allows Bitcoin to trace every transaction ever performed. This electronic signature allows the company to avoid fraudulent charges.  

As an addition precaution to ensure accuracy, every transaction is received and confirmed by the network in 20 minutes or less after, via the process of mining. As a distributed consensus system, mining is a used to affirm every transaction in the block chain.  

Mining is the organisation and maintenance behind the cryptocurrency system. The process upholds the rules of the software and maintains the order of the programs.


Where Is Bitcoin Used?

As a fairly new cryptocurrency, the currency is not yet a globalised phenomenon but is gaining popularity with its growing Bitcoin community in Asia.  

With Asia as the main scene for the hot new currency, Japan currently stands as the primary block chain and cryptocurrency friendly country.    

Other Blockchain-friendly countries include:

  • The Netherlands
  • The United Kingdom
  • Panama
  • South Africa
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Estonia
  • Denmark
  • United States

With much opposition, Japan is the pioneer for the new industry in Asia. In Japan, Bitcoin has been recognized as legitimate since the passing of a law in April of 2017 making it a legal tender. Despite China and South Korea’s discontent with the currency, Japan is responsible for nearly half of all global Bitcoin deals.  

Since 2017, Japan has officially recognized over 11 organizations as registered operators of cryptocurrency exchange. While Tokyo is not the center of commercial Asia, the city stands as the main hub for cryptocurrency.

This hub of cryptocurrency is flourishing with the benefits Bitcoin entails including:

  • No more paper trail
  • Fast and affordable transactions
  • Irreversible transactions for a new level of accountable among businesses
  • Appreciation value  

With these benefits of cryptocurrency, it is clear to see why important countries are turning to it as a transaction alternative.  


The Crypto Community: Bitcoin Clubs and Alike

The cryptocurrency network is everywhere. Whether they be in digital format or in-person meetings, cryptocurrency is a rapidly growing network.  

The community is comprised of many ways to get involved including:

  • IRC Channels
  • Bitcoin clubs
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Stack Exchange
  • Bitcoin groups
  • Forums
  • Social media networks  


Get Involved in Bitcoin Groups

Ready to take your interest in bitcoin to the next level and join a bitcoin group? One of the most notable ways to get involved with the Bitcoin community in Asia would be Tokenomx.  

What is Tokenomx? Tokenomx is a conference held for those involved in the crypto community. In this fast-paced industry, collaborating with other enthusiast is key to success in the business. More times than not, events that connects and educate fellow investors can spark new and exciting ideas in the minds of its participants.  


Why Is Tokenomx So Special?   

Unlike most conventions, this one in particular is dedicated to creating a workshop for genuine connection. To avoid the monotony of uninspired prospects, this conference has a definitive policy of no-pitches allowed. The conference instead focuses on giving their attendants lessons applicable to their individual portfolios.  

Modeled after TedX, each presentation at the convention is a max of 20 minutes long and makes quality the main priority of their discussions. With this in mind, it is easy to see why these conferences have a 95 percent retention rate of information discussed. Held in Thailand, Tokenomx is an exclusive, annual event held for investors, entrepreneurs and traders in the Blockchain industry.  

The New Year holds great promise for the Bitcoin and Blockchain Asia. With the February 2019 Tokenomx fast approaching, the modernisation of currency is within the grasp of all who are proactive. Join Tokenomx in the 2019 to explore stability with Bitcoin and the freedom of cryptocurrency.          


Battle of the Blockchains

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27-28th February, 2019

The Athénée Hotel BKK — THAILAND

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— The first TokenomX launched in the lovely city of Chiang Mai, Thailand.