Blockchain in Asia: Status Update!

Blockchain is a major market that is slowly but surely making its way throughout Asia.


With some of the first and largest mining operations of Blockchain taking place in Asia, it seems only logical that the practices and Blockchain industry in Asia would grow. It’s been noted that as jobs become more and more limited, especially in countries with competitive markets, less conventional businesses like Bitcoin mining have become popular alternatives.

In fact, since 2017, the interest in Blockchain-related jobs has been on an upward trend. 


Bitcoin’s presence has been known, and for the most part welcomed, in larger Southeast Asian markets such as Korea, Japan and mainland China. This boom has made other countries in the region more eager to join in on the Blockchain business success. Experts have noted that in the last year, more finance officials in Asia have taken interest in moving towards the cryptocurrency industry. Huge contributors to the Eastern Economy including Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand, have all begun to partake in the opportunities trading can provide. 


To get a sense of where the industry is heading throughout the region, check out our quick rundown of the biggest Southeast Asian markets. 

Blockchain in Malasysia

While Bitcoin is not recognized as a currency in Malaysia, that hasn’t deterred business hopefuls from getting their foot in the mining door. The country’s government is still skeptical of cryptocurrency, but experts believe that in time the industry will boom just like it has in surrounding countries. 

Leaders in the market plan to use education to make the country more open when it comes to Bitcoin. This will allow the public to become more aware of the benefits of using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This will also show the probability and marketplace to investors and businesses alike. 


Blockchain in India

India has the largest population in the world. More people mean more crypto users, and with that, more Blockchain startups. 

While there’s currently a ban on cryptocurrency, it wasn’t always that way. Indian citizens were some of the early adopters of Bitcoin. Despite the ban being set in the country, it hasn’t stopped investors from speaking up about their rights. Supply and demand, as well as the innovative benefits crypto and the Blockchain industry can provide, are slowly but surely changing minds. In past crypto Asia events, the turnout has been as diverse as it is promising. Entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds have shown interest. These eager individuals are composed of college students, developers, investors plus many more. 


Blockchain in Hong Kong 

China’s mining industry is an incredibly influential one. The region’s presence in the crypto world doesn’t just affect China; it also affects Korean and Japanese markets. This is because Chinese traders have taken advantage of the universal nature of Bitcoin. Traders have been able to leave China and penetrate other markets in South East Asia, mainly Korea and Japan.

The citizens of China have also become increasingly fond of cryptocurrency, as its unregulated, decentralized nature is a stark contrast to how the country usually operates when it comes to currency. 


Blockchain in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most progressive and accepting Asian countries when it comes of cryptocurrency — specifically Bitcoin. Blockchain technology, as well as the industry as a whole, has become so mainstream that moves to adopt a government-level Blockchain, ICO oversight and crypto payment regulation have been made. Singapore’s status as a global leader in crypto investment and innovation has only been solidified. Within the past year, Singapore has, at times, hosted more ICOs than the USA.


Blockchain in Thailand

Bangkok and Chiang Mai are two of the largest cities in Thailand; they’re also the leading locations in Thailand for crypto businesses. The Thai government has not only been accepting of the crypto industry, but it has also encouraged the spread of it throughout the country. The government wants to accelerate the adoption of Blockchain technology with the hopes of becoming the center of mining in Asia.  

The Thai government is so fond of Blockchain technology that they intend to incorporate it into their own operations. This will help them with fraud, tax evasion and other offenses that can be prevented with verifications and strictly kept records of events. 


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