Blockchain Meetups in Asia

Blockchain has been a huge phenomenon for the last few years and promises to be more than just the future of currency. Thanks to its new popularity, there has been a large amount of mainstream attention from internet users who are inexperienced, or those with just a casual interest. The flow of new minds in the community is a welcomed development. Those who are hoping to network within the community can find a plethora of conferences, networking events and other Blockchain meet-ups in Asia and around the world.  

What Exactly IS Blockchain?  


Cryptocurrency and Blockchain have been hot topics in technology, but many people don’t completely understand their definitions. Cryptocurrency is the easier concept of the two, as it’s a digital asset that’s meant to be used in transactions. Blockchain is the security system created to maintain a record of these transactions.   

The most well-known application of Blockchain technology was the development of Bitcoin. This was the first major digital coin to hit the market, and Blockchain was the technology that made it a success. As you begin to understand how Blockchain works with Bitcoin, you’ll be able to see how such an advancement can be utilized in real-world cases.  


Blockchain in Action


Since cryptocurrencies have no central authority, like traditional currencies and banks, they’re maintained by networks of what is known as “miners.” They solve complex mathematical problems to ensure that a transaction goes through. Those who make a transaction do so through their digital wallet, which has a private key. This key is a virtual signature that proves that the transaction came from the owner of the wallet. Ultimately, it’s a way to ensure that the digital coin safely gets where it needs to go without any complications or safety issues.  


Blockchain Communities  


Like all other sectors of technology, the main goal of many Blockchain startups is to achieve mass adoption and have their product implemented globally. However, the industry is still new. It’s still in the beginning stages of its lifecycle, which means that gaining the knowledge to succeed in the field is something that’s not easily attainable. Conferences are a great way to meet industry experts or new startups that can help you develop the skills you need to thrive in the Blockchain community.    

Many of those in the community are professionals who are Javascript application developers and commissioners, and who are typically familiar with startups, completely understanding the technological basis for the business. The Blockchain community is driven by the ability to anticipate changes in the market. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, take the time to do your research, develop the skills needed to succeed and connect with those with experience.  

Reasons to Join a Startup  


While joining the Blockchain industry may seem daunting due to the vast amount of knowledge you have to retain, you can definitely find a place in the community by making the right moves. Having some experience with cryptocurrency is useful, and knowing the terminology being used is a must. However, you can start a career in Blockchain with any design, marketing or development skills as a basis. As long as you express a willingness to learn, genuine interest in the market and a want to contribute, you’ll go far.

Before you find a Blockchain event in Asia to move further into the community, the following are a few reasons to look into Blockchain startups.

  • Better Salaries – When it comes to other budding industries and their startups, the salaries of those in the cryptocurrency industry is about 10 to 20 percent higher. This goes for those working in both non-technical and technical roles. Cryptocurrency companies also boast many perks, such as profit-sharing arrangements.
  • More Remote Flexibility – The majority of companies working in the e-currency and Blockchain spaces are flexible about the work environment. Quite a few have policies that only require that you be in the office for certain days. Others will hire you as a freelancer, which leaves you open to work with other clients and often from the comfort of your home office.    
  • Community Recruitment –  Blockchain companies and startups are constantly looking for people who have new ideas. They often look at individuals who engage with the technology, and even those who start out as their target audience. These people are often the ones who have a unique affinity and understanding of the product. The best way for companies to attract these people and for those interested in the tech to find like-mind individuals with which to network is by going to conferences dedicated to the craft and growth of the industry.   

Inspiring the Next Step 


While the promise and excitement of Blockchain won’t stop anytime soon, it’s not a technology that we can expect to see used everywhere just yet. At the moment, there are some banks that are experimenting with the technology. However, they’re not currently adopting it on a wide scale.  

For now, it’s being used primarily for digital coins, but there’s potential to use Blockchain in a variety of industries. Places it can be implemented include government agencies, insurance and health care.  

The industry hopes to overcome any obstacles by continuing to offer opportunities for like-minded people to network with each other at conferences, conventions and even through online communities. At events, the experts in the industry give inspiring talks that could be what triggers the next big breakthrough in Blockchain technology. Any time knowledge is transferred and more people become informed about Blockchain, the better its long-term chances at success become.

There are a number of websites dedicated to helping Blockchain aficionados get together, but sometimes it’s best to go straight to the source. Tokenomx hosts a large Blockchain conference in Bangkok. It’s a great place to receive your formal introduction to the Blockchain realm!


Battle of the Blockchains

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27-28th February, 2019

The Athénée Hotel BKK — THAILAND

Preregistration Mixer on the 26th!

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    26th February: Pre-registration Networking and Cocktails (all ticket holders)

  • Speaker Dinner (VIP Plus ticket holders only)

  • 27th February: Conference Day 1 (all ticket holders)

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  • 28th February: Conference Day 2 (all ticket holders)

  • Official after party (all ticket holders)


— The first TokenomX launched in the lovely city of Chiang Mai, Thailand.