What Is Telegram?  


Telegram is a service app, as briefly mentioned before, that acts as an instant messenger. It can be compared to WhatsApp. However, Telegram has features that are unique, making it perfect for groups of cryptos. The following are just a few of the features that set this app apart from others like it.

  • Secret Chat – Telegram’s messaging system is supported by end-to-end encryption technology. This feature allows users to set a time period for their messages. After the time period is up, messages that are sent are then deleted. 
  • Groups & Supergroups – Telegram can support a large number of people in one group like WhatsApp. Where WhatsApp can support up to 256 members in a group, Telegram supports up to 200 members in a single group. However, Telegram also supports supergroups, which allows groups to majorly increase in size. Their supergroup feature can support up to 100,000 members.
  • Channels – Those wanting to reach a broader audience can do so with Telegram. Their channel feature allows users to broadcast their messages to a much larger audience. Channels are similar to the news feeds you experience on social media websites. You can subscribe to a channel, and you’ll receive updates regularly. The channel feature is not restricted by numbers, meaning the number of subscribers a person can have is unlimited.
  • Bot Functionality – Telegram has program bots that are designed to automatically handle their messages. Users can interact with the bots on the app by using command messages within their group environments.           

Why Use Telegram for Crypto?   


When compared to other platforms, Telegram is faster, has more features and tends to update regularly. It has proven to be one of the safest ways of messaging in 2018. The app is used by over 200 million users who have sent and received over 15 billion messages per day. 

The encryption and safety features of the app are some of the major reasons Telegram cryptos in Asia have become involved with it. It’s a great way for friends interested in cryptocurrency and business partners to keep in touch. 


Most Famous Crypto Telegram Groups

Cache Charts

For those who are looking for a channel that is less technical and focuses more on information about trading, Chache Charts is one of the best crypto Telegram groups to experience.

The authors of this channel are experienced traders who seek to provide easy explanations about the tendencies and share some useful trading tools. If you’re a beginner, the Cache Charts channel is a place where you don’t have to worry about special technical terms.

While the channel is a good resource with useful information, it does cost 0.01 BTC per month. Before you join, research the channel to decide whether it will be worth it or not for you.

UK Crypto Premium


For those looking for technical-dedicated crypto Telegram groups for Asia, the UK Crypto Premium channel is a popular choice. It’s devoted to the technical analysis of different coins and the market. The useful information they post is meant to help people optimise their crypto portfolio and create an effective market strategy. They’re known for giving their users the latest news and providing interesting data for traders.

While some of the terms are more technical, the content style is easy to comprehend and popular among other Telegram channels. UK Crypto Premium is a great place for both experienced cryptocurrency traders and beginners. 


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CoinDesk is a well-known website for cryptos that have a popular Telegram channel. They’re known for the variety of content that they publish relating to crypto-related matters. You can trust them to provide information regarding news, research, technical reviews, guides, statistics, articles and more. CoinDesk is a well-trusted resource for many traders.



Cointelegraph is another that falls under one of the best crypto Telegram groups, and it has the same style as that of CoinDesk. They consistently post on their channel, meaning that you’ll find about 10 to 15 posts on their Telegram per day. Cointelegraph also has an alternate channel for people who speak Spanish.

The topics they cover include the latest events that happen in the crypto-industry. Some of their articles include analytical research, statistical information, and other articles on the state of the market. As a source of information, this channel will help you understand the main concepts of Blockchain and other aspects of the crypto industry.   

Why Join a Bitcoin Telegram Group for Asia Specifically?  

If you’re sold on joining a crypto Telegram group but need one near your home in Asia, you’re not alone. If you live in any part of Asia, choosing a Telegram near you will help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends. 

The number of conferences and get-togethers for Telegram cryptos in Asia has made channels like ours, Tokenomx, one worth the subscription. If you’re looking for reliable and current information on everything that has to do with cryptocurrency, join our crypto telegram group for Asia today!


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